BIRAenergy has been instrumental in developing demand response strategies and integrating solutions across the smart grid value chain. This includes peak load reduction solutions and implementation, as well as advanced strategies towards achieving flat load profiles for the grid.

One of the major factors differentiating BIRAenergy is its unique market-oriented approach to RD&D, as outlined here with its other unique strengths and capabilities:

a. Knowledge of and reach across the building industry, with long-term relationships with clients from every facet of the building industry from the national laboratory to the building official, to the builder and their subcontractors.

b. Extensive experience in identifying new energy efficient technologies and products and working with manufacturers and builders to setup and perform field tests and demonstrations, often introducing new products to the market.

c.  Over ten years of pioneering work developing near-zero net energy home communities at a large scale, coupled with assisting and steering policy makers toward marketable approaches to zero-net energy homes and communities.

d. Almost 25 years of experience in the energy efficiency area on areas that include - research and development on cutting edge new technologies, concepts and business models, market and industry analysis, providing training, auditing and QA analysis.

BIRAenergy has provided technical, training, market and sales support to utilities for demand-side management and demand reduction, market transformation, emerging technologies, and other programs aimed at improving energy-efficiency in buildings.  Over the last 20 years, BIRAenergy (as ConSol) has contracted with various utilities to manage a variety of energy-efficiency programs. As a result, BIRAenergy has broad experience in design, implementation, and management of energy efficiency and demand response programs.




BIRA select summary of papers, articles and presentations (pdf)

Zero Peak Homes ACEEE 2010


Flat Load Profile Homes ACEEE 2012


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